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Updated on Aug 04, 2016

hi.. my daughter is nearing 5 years of age and displays very rude behaviour. and she is so not willing to say sorry when she does something wrong. For example.. she dropped the cellphone of a guest even after repeatedly telling her not to touch others phone. After the incident we insisted her to say sorry to our guest.. However she just refused.. and this has happened many a times earlier. thus gets me worried about her behaviour particularly being curteous to others...

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| Aug 04, 2016

Hi Suma Mereti! How r u! I understand your concern. A 5year old understands everything, and is smart enough to know the difference between a wrongdoing that is done intentionally and something that happens by mistake.. On most of the occasions they themselves realize their mistake and feel guilty about it. if we adults intervene and force them to feel sorry that takes away the responsibility and the guilt feeling and they become defensive. It's better if you could avoid embarrassing the child in front of guests as that would affect her self confidence. Rather u could from your end apologize and when the guests leave talk to the child without putting the blame and ask her to fix it by promising not to touch anybody's things in future. if she behaves good , praise her, hug her often. the more polite u would be towards your child and understand her nature, the betterand easier it would be for u to make her understand things .hope this helps!

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