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Updated on Apr 07, 2017

How to handle anger of my 5yr old son. He is very intelligent but sometime he get angry if he wants to watch TV and gets a negative answer from me. He literally shakes in anger how I can change his mood.

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| Apr 07, 2017

hi Seema Kripal! it seems he has got addicted to TV . Seema u need to help him overcome this addiction. try and involve him in activities of his interest. for instance make him join a hobby class of his choice such as dance, drama, music, any instrument , or take him to park everyday or u could even do art and craft work with him (if he enjoys doing it), playing Legos,or even Scrabble or word building games, puzzles etc. reward him with a smiley on avoiding TV for one hour and so on. if he is able to collect 5 smileys in a day , u could give him an icecream or any dish (homemade) he would like to have. on collection of 20 smileys per week he could earn extra hours of play. it will take time to get rid of this habit as it's said old habits die hard but I am sure he would soon overcome it with persistent efforts and realistic goals from your end. don't forget to praise him and hug him. Seema do let us know whether the trick is helping him after trying it for 3 weeks or so. hope this helps!

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