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behaviour problem- introvert in outside home.

3 to 7 years

Created by Nikhil V
Updated on Mar 04, 2017

my 3 year old baby does not want to mingle with others except my parents-in law. In home he is active and alert. but when we go out side with him he become shy and fearfull. people asking about his strange behaviour we are very disturbed.

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| Mar 04, 2017

hi Nikhil V! I understand your concerns. are there any other behavioral issues that u r facing other than fearful of strangers? how is his language development? has he joined playschool? if yes, what teachers have to say about him? give him more exposure to the outside world. take him to the park, let him play with agemates. praise him , support him, motivate him. help him mingle. call his neighborhood friends home. help him express in words, how he feels. since he's spending most of his time with grandparents , he is comfortable with them being around. if there are no other issues other than anxiety in a public place , it's not a cause of much concern and would require active role of family members in motivating him and helping him overcome his fears. hope this helps!

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| Mar 04, 2017

hi Nikhil, dont be stressed. some kids do that like mine. she knows everything but when we go out she will stick to me or her father. this happens because we live in nuclear family and kids are habituated with 2-3 people. frequently take him outside, parks, relative's house or neighbours. He will adapt to the environment. When he will start making his behaviour will change.

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