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Created by Geetha Jakkam
Updated on May 21, 2015

Hi all,   my daughters age is 2 years old. my daughter always asks me lift her when she was in home, if she went to out side she playing her own or with children. when she was in home she is not playing her own and crying always asks me lift her. am not having much time to take out side in day time. what can do?

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| May 22, 2015

Geetha Jakkam, at this stage sometimes children develop separation anxiety and can't understand that even when mom is in view, why is she not playing with me. Also, the thing about playing by themselves comes much later, around the age of 3-3. 5 years. For now, keep her with you... for exmple if you are working in the kitchen, place her on the floor with some pots and pans that she can bang together to make noise, sing to her while you do your work, or just chat to her. While you dress up, give her a colourful dupatta to play with or plastic bangles. this ways she will keep busy, and her need to be arund you also gets fulfilled, and you can also do your chores. Also, if she is communicating already, asking for her basic needs such as water, hunger, you could consider putting her in a play school for 2 hours or so.

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| May 21, 2015

Hi Geetha! It is not unysual for kids to cling to parents / primary caregiver at home. The reason could be : 1. They get bored and has parent has the only option available. 2. They feel lonely and are scared to explore alone. You could try making following changes:1. Have a separate room or a separate corner for the child which has toys, games , pillows with cartoon characters to keep the engaged. 2. Give some activities like colouring with lots of crayons, or making a tower with blocks, or tracing on lines. 3. U could give child clothes to stack, or paper to fold or Some other interesting activity. Please ensure child would be safe with no dangerous items in vicinity and without yr constant supervision. Also ensure that u would be able to hear the child from other room so that whenever the child needs u, u would be available immediately. Also child could respond to u from time to time. Initially u could sit with the child, as soon as the child feels comfortable, u could begin with yr work.

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| May 21, 2015

Geetha Jakkam - does your daughter plays at home.... who all in your family? is it mostly you and your daughter at home, in that case is she trying to get your attention because she is alone.... do you have any children of the same age in the neighbourhood? In my case i had a great benefit, because my neighbour also had a child a little elder to my child, and so we used to get them together at each other's places often. That used to help...

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