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Updated on Mar 20, 2020

My son who is 12 is sitting at home these days .He is very notorious and gets destructive at times .I am receiving many complaints from society members that he has been doing mischiefs. i am really tired attending to complaints against him. please help!

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| Mar 20, 2020

I do understand your concern Natasha ! You could talk to him politely and explain to him how his behaviour is unacceptable and creating problems for you. engage him in age appropriate activities. Involve him in activities which utilizes his energy in a positive direction. He could take online tutorials of any hobby that he is interested in. take his help in doing household chores such as watering the plants, organising his room, taking care of the pet if any etc. Praise him for his efforts. I am sure with your patience perseverance and love he would come around soon.

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