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Updated on Oct 04, 2016

She talks arguably with us... N always fight with her brother age of 5yr... Cant tolrate all that

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| Oct 04, 2016

Hi Sakshi, here's a blog that may help you-

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| Oct 05, 2016

hi Sakshi! I understand your concerns. Sakshi Khushi could be rebellious because of many reasons : she feels her parents love her younger sibling more , he gets more attention and care. she could feel jealous of her sibling and consider him the reason behind her getting scoldings. or she might be upset with the comparisons done between her and her sibling. it's advisable to spend some time with her everyday. hug her the moment she is back from school. listen to what she has to say. praise her for being so good. avoid scolding her for fights between siblings. even if u have to say something do that when she is in a good mood alone in a separate room after hugging her and patting her back, kissing on her forehead. avoid criticising her or blaming her for anything that goes wrong. tell younger one to respect his sister and address her as 'DiDi'. surprise her with her favorite dish once in a week . do some activities with her like art and craft, taking her to the park or watching her favorite show along with her. Talk to her about her friends. share moments about your childhood with her and how adorable she used to be as a baby and even now how special she is to u. talk good things about her with family members let her overhear those. praise her in front of her sibling. Sakshi all these gestures would help bridge the gap and do away with her apprehensions that she is not loved anymore. hope this helps!

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