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Updated on Dec 30, 2016

hello... my child does not obey ... misbehaves in public... back answers at times... behaves properly at times when alone... is very patinece at times... but in public... makes us go mad.. over eats and makes us feel embarresed

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| Dec 30, 2016

Hi Sunil, perhaps your son need your attention and when he doesn't get it he starts behaving in a way that is not acceptable to you.

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| Jan 01, 2017

hi sunil this is normal mostly child behave like this and he is not a mad but he is a small kid I understand you feel is not good but,s kid are kid not a big man so he can't understand your frustration please ignore and you busy your child some game or activities .

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| Jan 04, 2017

hi Sunil! children by this age are smart enough and understand very well what works and what does not with their parents. probably he has understood u would not scold him publicly in front of guests. so he would do everything to test your patience and make you feel helpless. similarly we need to understand when he is at home he also feels helpless and powerless because of the restrictions and the scoldings. make sure u use discussions,talks , love, hugs and other polite methods to deal with him whether at home or in a gathering so that he follows u out of respect and not fear. the more u would give reason behind your No's and be justified in your actions and loving and caring in your behavior towards him, the more he would respect u and obey u. hope this helps!!

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