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Updated on Feb 05, 2017

telling lies

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| Feb 05, 2017

hi Soni! I understand your worries! a 11 year old would lie to u for many reasons. she feels if truth is disclosed , it might not be taken lightly and she might get scolding. second she knows, u don't like what she is doing, so she doesn't want to hurt u. thirdly, she already knows she has done wrong, she is playing defensive. and also probably she wants to be at par with her agemates so she feels by lying she can manage that. Soni, u need to bridge the gap and work on the bond that u share with your child. take her for walks, share how times used to be when u were of her age, listen to what she has to say without being judgemental. guide her as a friend. also please don't forget , at the age she is , attraction towards opposite sex is inevitable , the demand to allow her to use gadgets will sooner or later be made and socializing will definitely take place.. so outrightly saying no would make her lie to u to anything related to these issues. we need to change with changing times and frame our words in such a manner it's taken in a positive sense. having said that keep politely reminding her what's safe and the limit to which her privileges can be exercised , as freedom also comes with a responsibility. hope this helps!!

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