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Updated on Apr 29, 2016

kids r very aggressive

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| Apr 29, 2016

Hi Manmeet! Aggression could be her way of expressing her underlying frustration. Please get to understand why she behaves aggresssively. There could be many reasons for her to behave so such as addition of a new family member, not getting enough attention at home, she is imitating someone who expresses frustration overtly or stress due to some reasons. work on the causes ,give her attention ,speak to her ,hug her love her . Manmeet we mothers r blessed by God to take away all of our children's pain even though for few seconds through our magical hug. . Hug her everyday. Kiss her on her forehead take her in your lap. Spend exclusive 15 to 20minutes with her,snuggle her , play with her,do her favorite activity. Let her know, no matter what she will always be special as she made u mother for the first time and u got the opportunity to be the God's most beautiful creation "Mom " because of her. Manmeet children need overt expression of love which we mothers at time are unable to deliver due to other responsibilities. MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL. take good care of yourself. Happy parenting !

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| May 16, 2016

thanks a lot shikha. I followed ur suggestion and it really works. but still sometimes she becomes rude to everyone.

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