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Created by Neha Gupta
Updated on Jun 05, 2017

After my 2nd baby my 1st child's behaviour has changed she used to get irritated very frequently refused to eat.. I know it's wrong but sometimes I lost my temper n slap her.. plz help wat to do

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| Jun 05, 2017

ur 1st child is feeling insecure n ingored wen u give time to ur 2nd one.. take some time out and talk to ur baby abt his siblings.. give some equal quality time to ur 1st one.. I know it's very diff to handle 2 kids with household stuff.. take help of ur relatives.. talk to ur husband abt ur emotions.. if no support from relatives den take maid help for household work.. I don't know the age of ur kids.. but if manage their afternoon sleep at the same time so that u too get enough rest..

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| Jun 05, 2017

Dear Neha, actually your daughter is feeling little bit insecurity and stress. She needs time to cope up with the suddenly shifted attention to her sibling. DON'T SCOLD HER OR SLAP HER. IT MAY WORSEN THE SITUATION. She has several unanswered questions in her mind. " Do my parents love me like before? Do my sibling love me?or fight with me for whatever l have? Wii my parents support me if I need their support? " She never had all these questions before... she is little bit confused now as everyone is busy with the newborn. She is refusing food to draw your attention and sympathy. *Please talk to her. Explain her responsibility towards her baby sibling. *Ask her opinion in small matters. the nick name of the new born, which colour suits the baby best etc * Involve her in small work under your supervision like folding of nappies etc. * Praise her efforts and sincerely towards the bady publicly. *spend some quality time with her.. reading out a story, playing hide and seek etc

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