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Updated on Jun 11, 2017

My daughter is 14 years old. She is not showing interest in studies. She is always in anger

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| Jun 11, 2017

hi Dipti! I do understand your worry! have u ever tried speaking to her about what makes her angry? it could be her anger or frustration over anything such as she doesn't like the way she looks, she feels she is not as cool as her close friends and isn't popular or sought after like them. or probably she doesn't have anyone with whom she can share her heart out ..or it could be simply be PMS. please avoid taking everything personally and talk to her as a friend . hug her, listen to her , tell her your stories as a teenager .. be more patient towards and work on the bond that u share with her. praise her for how she looks , respect her choice. once she is at peace with herself and has positive self esteem she would definitely start taking interest in other areas of her life such as studies. hope this will be of help to you!

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