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Updated on Jul 22, 2017

My elder son is very active but irritates other with their activity even something damage and fear for mishappening with other child

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| Jul 22, 2017

hi Nisha! some children take out their anger and frustration on weak children. please find out why he has been doing such negative things . does he want something , which he is not getting so he is taking out his frustration in this form. Nisha give him your love and pay attention to him. more u would talk to him , seek his opinion, respect him , praise him, and give positive feedback , better would be the response from his end. I am sure by now u must have tried everything to deal with his this behavior. please start afresh and this time just deal with him with love . it might take time for him to melt but I am sure with your love u would win this battle. also focus your attention on his strengths . praise him for those and channelize his energies in the right direction by getting him further training in that by an expert.. hope this helps!

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