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7 to 11 years

Created by Shweta
Updated on Jul 24, 2016

Of late my 8 year daughter has become very moody and rude towards people eg parents, grandparents, tution teacher. It really is very embarrassing and disappointing.

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| Jul 26, 2016

Thanks a lot will try out ur suggestions.

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| Jul 26, 2016

hi Shweta! how ru ! I understand your concerns. please try and understanding what's bothering her. there could be many reasons for her to behave so for eg. addition of a family member, she thinks she is not getting attention and love, she is not happy with someone (parent/sibling/tuition teacher) , she is too much stressed due to ECA, studies etc. or may be she is facing problems adjusting with her peer group. Shweta it's advisable that u speak to her , without nagging too much or asking too many questions. leave aside your motherly role and wear the hat of a friend and let her know, no matter what u are and will be on her side. Give her a patient ear and without passing judgements listen to what she has to say. all this should not take place on one day in one single shot. rather take baby steps towards improving your relationship. take her out, spend some exclusive moments with her, share your childhood moments with her, do activities with her, hug her, kiss her on her forehead. gradually when she is comfortable, ask her what's bothering her and she can share her heart out with her this friend. hope this helps!

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| Jul 25, 2016

Hi Shweta, it would be better if you sit down with her and talk to her. There is something she is bothered about and not telling you. Some change in her life that is not going down well with her and hence all the aggression in her.

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