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Created by Simmi Arora
Updated on Apr 13, 2016

My 4 year daughter has become very irritable. She starts crying evwrytym v say no. This is really troubling us. she was pampered a lot bu everyone but now she is in the habit of crying. Ur suggestions are welcome

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| Apr 14, 2016

Hi again! Simmi u need to clarify the rules beforehand only including the consequences on disobeying like taking away priveleges or time out. Do follow the consequences. This should work.

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| Apr 13, 2016

Hi dear,I implement all these on her but her ans d. is give me icecreamthen I will have food. Even after having it,she will not eat food.

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| Apr 13, 2016

Hi Simmi! How r u ? It's not easy to take ' NO' as an answer for a child everytime. Let me give an example : if the child demands an ice cream and you don't want to give her because of x/y/z reasons . Instead of straightaway saying 'No' why not look for a middle path and say 'Yes' but add a rider to it. Okay I will give u an ice cream but it will be served once you finish your dinner '. By this method u have not only made the child happy that there is a hope of getting an icecream but also kept your point in a positive manner. Simmi our style of making a point also makes a lot of difference especially with kids. If sometimes child is too adamant and doesn't want to give up. For example -child goes on to say no I can't wait till dinner, I want it right now. And you dont want to give icecream because u fear child will catch cold or will fall ill. Then you could either make a home based icecream by asking him to assist u (which makes it a fun filled activity) or suggest an alternative say 'how about having a custard or jelly?'Hope this helps!

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