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Updated on Jan 08, 2019

Hi.. My son gonna be 5 years by next month.. he is smart kid.. but he is very sensitive at times and at times he becomes very angry and shouts, beats the person to whom he feels angry.. no body is able to control him.. even during nights he cries for no reason n we are unable to manage.. could anybody pls help me out in this regard

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| Jan 08, 2019

Boys can be sensitive and can cry out too. It's perfectly fine as we all have a meltdown when our emotions become too overwhelming for us to deal with. By crying he is giving a vent to his pent up emotions. Let him have a heartyful cry , if that makes him feel better. The only part which needs to be worked upon is his aggressive behavior. When he is in such a mood leave him alone after ensuring he would be safe and he shall calm down. Once he is done with it, hug him, talk to him and make him open up. Try and teach him to talk out his what is bothering him. Help him find out exactly how he feels and open up by helping him share his feelings. Dramatics could be an option for your child as he would learn to voice his thoughts and control his anger too through it. Here is a blog you might find useful. Blogs-

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