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Created by Prachi Borele
Updated on Jul 27, 2016

My 3. 4 year old son following his one of the friend in every aspect whatever he is doing right or wrong. I have tried to make him understand but he likes to follow him blindly. Is it alright or I have to pay some extra attention towards him.

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| Jul 29, 2016

thnaku so much shikha your valuable response really provide me great relief.

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| Jul 29, 2016

hi Prachi! how r u! At this age children learn by imitating others and they enjoy doing so. if a child is shouting , other one would like to jam with him, and probably shout even louder. if one is throwing things , other one would throw farther away and it would become a competition sort of thing on who throws farther away. they will have a good laugh about it and enjoy it. so by imitating each other they are sort of building up a game and having fun... At that moment the only thing on their mind is to have fun but for us adults it might sound weird or wrong and we may say my child is learning wrong things from the other child. probably , there are occasions when the other one is imitating your child too. so don't worry much about it. and if u feel what they are doing is not right , for instance throwing away things, u could calmly tell them why whatever they are doing isn't the right thing to do. Prachi imitating is an important part in the process of their development and children learn by doing so. enjoy watching them. tkcare!

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