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Created by Naimisa Ponnapalli
Updated on Apr 08, 2016

My son is 6 years old and he never behaves properly infront of others. He doesnt allow them to speak and doesnt respect them at all inspite of my requests and warnings.. how should i mould him?

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| Apr 08, 2016

Hi Naimisa! It's indeed frustrating to see the child misbehave with guests. It's advisable to talk to him and understand what makes him behave so. May be he is uncomfortable when u give attention to guests or he doesn't like to be formal in front of guests. You could do role play with him and teach him how he is expected to behave. Our u could narrate Stories with the help of placards or pictures how child should behave. At home otherwise also make sure no one is talking rudely or making use of inappropriate language. Correct him politely everytime he utters something inappropriate. Praise him when he is good. Also keep a watch on the tv serials /cartoons he is watching. Sometimes by correcting our language we model behavior that is expected out of children. Hope this helps!

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| Apr 08, 2016

Hi Naimisa, children see and children do. So when somebody comes to your home greet them pleasantly and don't force your child in front of them. Instead tell him before hand that so and so is coming and you have to wish them and respect them by letting them speak first. In the end I am sure your guests also understand that he is just a child.

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