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Being self-reliant and overcome the fear

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Updated on Jun 22, 2020

My eldest daughter is 9 years old. Day after day she became dependent on me about everything to help her, to study, to draw pictures etc. Our family left her with her aunt for 10 days to give my exam because at the same time her exam was also started. Since then a trauma was created inside her mind that her mother would leave her. That's why she doesn't want to sleep with her grandmother even though she is so big now. As soon as she goes to sleep, there is pain or shivering inside her chest. If she sleeps with me then the pain doesn't occur. She cannot be self-reliant. Please tell me some ways so that I can overcome this fear in her mind and make her self-reliant.

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| Jun 22, 2020

Hi Rimjhim Roy ! Has any other close member been away from her? If yes, this could be the reason as she is scared to be left alone. She fears if u will also leave her she will have no one to look after her. also please ensure to talk to the child many a times in a day so that she doens't miss you while you are away. Discuss with her why it is important for you to give those exams and hence it becomes essential for you to leave her with her grandparents. Rebuild her confidence in you that you are now not going anywhere leaving her alone. Hug her often, spend quality time with her. Reassure her she are not going anywhere now.

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