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BEML Shishya Review please

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Dec 09, 2013

Hi ,   Please help me with some feedback on BEML Shishya School , Malleshpalya , Bangalore. Iam planning to seek admission for my son aged 4 years in this school for LKG. At the same time, the plan is to see if he can continue his education here as its  a CBSE school.   Any review would be most welcome.

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| Dec 13, 2013

On par with Shishya there are Geethanjali and JaiGopal Garodiya.

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| Dec 13, 2013

True, NPS Indra nagar and Kendriya vidyalaya - admission is very difficult. KV is for DRDO persons only. Hope in Shishya admission will not be a big problem as far as I enquired. Sishu graha and Poorna pragya are better schools. Regarding admission I heard that political influence is necessary. I"ll enquire about Sishu graha if at all any possibility of admission is there. Also u can try army public school , M. G road. It is very good central school , CBSE. Here admission is by merit and 50 % for civilians and 50 % for army people. But fees for civilians is high, fees for army people is very less. That's what I heard. For admission in army public u can refer the website APS. Everything is updated there.

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| Dec 12, 2013

Thanks Meenambigai Rajesh. They have yet to start admission . How easy or difficult is it to get in ? I suppose getting into NPS indranagar is difficult. And Kendriya Vidyalaya , heard that its only for defence personnel. Would you have information on the above also ?

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| Dec 10, 2013

Heard from a parent that they are happy with the school. They have more interactive and practical methods to teach subjects so that the child understands better. So lots of project and home work to be done. Some internal competitions are held now and then. Have enquired one more parent about the academics and the extracurriculars. Shall update once I get a call from them. The rating of this school is below NPS Indra nagar and kendriya vidyalaya in the vicinity.

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