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Updated on Jun 03, 2016

Is ib board good for my child

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| Jun 04, 2016

Hi Dheeraj, It depends on what your expectations are from the educational board. List down your expectations, understand the IB philosophy (you can read from www. ibo. org) and see if it would suit your child. In IB the responsibility of learning lies on the child. The student has the choice to select the topic for research. They learn through research right from grade 1, learn from peers by reviewing and critiquing their work. The teacher acts as a facilitator by asking the right questions, teaching the right process- i. e how to analyse, How and what to record about one's observation, what methods to use, how/what to ask oneself questions to arrive at the solution, how to present the findings etc. IB doesn't focus on teaching facts such as who invented something or when it was invented or definition for a term, memorizing and writing the theorem , reproducing the steps of an experiment from the textbook etc. They do read about these facts. But the main focus is on researching, using previous knowledge, critical thinking and presenting essays using the right type of writing based on the target audience and the purpose of the project (type of writing varies for different cases). A major emphasis is given for language arts. The assessments will also be in a form of case study which will be given on the spot for which one should use the above mentioned skills to arrive at the solution in a given time. It's not necessary for all the students to have same solution. The individual can use his creativity, ideas to come up with anything as long as he is able to prove his theory. This type of learning may not be suitable for one who wants to appear for competitive exams as it needs one to remember quiet a lot of facts and terms. Another difference between IB and other boards is that even if your child is way ahead of his peers, he cant be placed in accelerated stream as there is no provision for the same in IB. If one wants to go for a specific subject focused field, then IB may not be the right choice. For example if a student is weak in Math and if he wants to do Science, it's not possible to do so as Math is mandatory till one finishes his high school at least at standard level. Because IB wants students to be all rounders and explore varied fields through out the program.

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