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Created by Sandeep Tibrewal
Updated on Apr 22, 2015

Hello, my daughter is in her 19th month and we are planning to put her in a Montessori School (Young Learners). My question is what would be best timing for her. There are classes from 9. 15 to 11. 15 and 11. 30 to 1. 30. We are really confused as putting her in morning class would be a torture with the baby as it would require to wake her up by 7am and get her massaged, bathed and have breakfast by 8. 30am on the other hand the late morning class ie around 11. 30 am would disturb her entire schedule of lunch and sleep. Please suggest.

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| Apr 23, 2015

Thanks carol for the advice. It was really helpful.

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| Apr 23, 2015

Sandeep, generally all babies take nap and rest after lunch. If you send her to classes at that time, as you said her schedule would be affected and she will be cranky. If she feels hungry and tired, definitely she won't be able to participate in any activity however fun it may be. Then the purpose of sending her to Montessori itself is lost. I feel morning class is the ideal one for her as she will be refreshed after night sleep and feel active too. My son used to wake up at 5:30 along with me and it really helped me while I was working. Later when he started going to school, it was a cakewalk for me to get him ready for school. So sending your child in the morning session would help you in the longer run when she starts going to formal school. But ensure she sleeps for 13 to 14 hrs in the night. So accordingly make her go to bed early the previous night. It will not be a torture for the child. She will get used to do the morning schedule if you make gradual changes to her bedtime schedule I. e moving it 10 minutes earlier every 2 days till you reach the planned bedtime.

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