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Updated on Nov 21, 2012

Hi.. could not think of a more confortable heading!   While I have mostly found it easy to disscuss and convey information about sexual abuse to my child, I am dumbfounded on how to have conversations about 'the birds and the bees' with my 11 year old. There have been some very interesting questions from his side recently, and I would like to be better equipped to answer. I was told by his school that they have intiated sex education however he does not like share what goes on at school on that front.  Fellow parents and experts, please help!

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| Nov 28, 2012

Hello Dr John. Usually I have handled his questions, his father having more of a omnipresent role :) but I guess this could be a good and important start. The idea of getting a book sounds good since he does like to read. Much thanks. I will share how this went. Also wanted to thank you for another insight I got on another parent talk, where you suggested teaming up with school admin to resolve serious issues , there has been something lingering at school and I recently booked an appointment with the principal to bring a closure and convey the seriousness of the issue. Thanks!

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| Nov 29, 2012

dear neetu , i just saw a book in the review section -" How you are changing " - here is the link maybe this will help ...

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| Dec 01, 2012

Hey Swati, this just keeps getting better! thanks a ton, you made it that much more easier for me !

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