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Updated on Feb 26, 2014

Dear All, My daughter who will be 2 years in March, has recently started biting nails. Can someone help me, how can i stop and what can be the reason of her doing this.

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| Mar 03, 2014

Thank u Carol & Meenambigai

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| Mar 01, 2014

Hi Sonia, I also face the same issue with my son following my hubby. I tell them repeatedly that they are taking germs directly in. Since ur daughter is young, u can try applying neem oil in her fingers. U can show her pictures of nail infections caused due to nail biting. I used to apply nail polish to my hubby's nails and warn him that it is not edible. But somehow everything is a failure. Now my son understands that it is not a good habit , he is trying to leave it I believe! Waiting for the good day when my son comes to me for cutting his nails.........

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| Feb 27, 2014

Thank u Carol, I am a working mother,I have a creche in my office, so i get my daughter with me. So she is spending most of the time in the day care. But she has been coming her since 5-6 months and I guess she is very happy as they do alot of playing and colouring and more activities. How do I figure out if she is in stress or anxiety. May be its a habbit also as her father also has a habbit of doing this. I am just worried that I hope she is not stressed. She is just 2 year old.

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| Feb 26, 2014

Hi Sonia, Here is the link to similar parent talks that you may find relevant:

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