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Created by Padmavathy Murugan
Updated on Jan 21, 2016

My baby is 2months old and I will be resuming work in another 1. 5 months. Kindly suggest me how can I bond with the baby now and after going back to work. I really feel low when I think I should leave the little one.. And I really wanted he bond to be emotionally strong rather than getting gifts to impress him. Pls suggest!

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| Jan 22, 2016

Thank you so much kriti. They are helpful :)

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| Jan 21, 2016

Thank u padmavathy for or query, as I am facing similar problem. Thank u kirti for ur wonderful solution.

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| Jan 21, 2016

Hi Padmavathy.. There are a few ways to interact with your new born. Few of them are: 1. When your baby is awake, talk to him like your are talking to a person who can talk back to you. Keep speaking to him. He ll know that you pay attention to him. 2. Bless him a lot while you feed him. Send positive vibes to him. He understands the your aura when u bless him. 3. Stay happy. Make him see you smiling all the time. He ll also start smiling in a few days. Make him smile as much as you can. 4. Never feel irritated with what he does. He may give you sleepless nights, tired days but he knows when you feel irritated. Be happy when you are around him. 5. Sing to him. Stick your tongue out. He ll imitate you. He ll bond with you for life and he ll definitely miss you when you ll join your job and will not be around him for a major part of the day. It's very tough for the babies to adjust to that. They only feel secure when the mother is around. They know their mother's smell. Make sure you leave something you wore the day before to cover him when you are at your job. It will compensate a lil bit. Make him feel you are always there. No matter what... Happy parenting...

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