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Updated on Sep 24, 2017

hi.. my son is 4 months old and I'm a professional.. I need to resume work from next month.. he gets very upset when I'm not around for even a couple of hours.. I'm worried how he will be after I resume work.. will it adversely effect our relationship. what should I do to keep our bond strong..

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| Sep 25, 2017

hello ..don't worry about the bond and love both of you share.. it will be there forever. I am also a working woman. when u start resuming work again spare some time exclusively for u and baby after the work. try to breastfeed him. and train him from now onwards to spend his time away from his mommy. that's what I do now. i also want to join work soon. so I deliberately leave him with her grandparents so that she gets used to it. I pump bm and keep myself away from her for a couple of hours ( u can begin from 30 mnts and gradually increase the timing)

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| Sep 24, 2017

Shikha Batra .. thank u so much mam

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| Sep 24, 2017

hi shrestha Satish! i do understand your apprehenions. please don't worry u will make an amazing working Mom too! working mothers bonding with their child is as strong as that of stay at home mom's. it's just that u will have to spend quality time with whatever time u have in ur hand. do talk a lot with yr child ,once u r back. do his chores on ur own. most importantly feed the child. make most of the weekends. here is a blog, hope u will find it useful ! Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too: hope this helps!

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