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Books to improve English for 5th grade

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Jul 14, 2016

My son is reluctant to speak in English hence the language is not developed as required. He is impatient and without a thought focuses on completion of any activity. I want him to think while learning and with proper reason close any assignment provided by school or tution. I want him to do thing's with interest which he is not keen on and does with less interest because it is mandatory. He studies in Icse board. I need to know best books that will help him in developing English

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| Jul 14, 2016

Hi Priti, As you may know a language can be mastered only by speaking and reading. As your son is reluctant to use the language, i would suggest to avoid using rules and grammar conventions to teach language and also avoid the books that teach the language as he would find them boring. Keep talking to him in both your mother tongue and in English. Try reading aloud to him some story books that are simple to understand. Use expressions while reading. Once he gets into the reading habit, he would move on to books with more complex texts and his confidence to speak the language will also improve. He is never too old to be read to. Reading aloud has many benefits. children understand quickly and easily. Few book suggestions are Moose and Hildy series, Kate dicamillo's Watson series, Lassie come home, Roald Dahl's Matilda, Dick king Smith's Water horse, E. B white's Charlotte's web, Stuart little, Kate dicamillo's Because of winn dixie. Most of these books have been made into movies. Once you finish reading the book, you can watch the movie together so he would understand the informal language usage from the dialog. You can also have discussion on the differences between the book and the movie. e. g Stuart little. When he is being impatient in completing his task, if you find any issues such as work not presented neat, making silly mistakes or the task being incomplete by missing seeing the details, avoid telling him directly the ways to correct the mistakes. Try to make him do a self assessment 'Why do you think the work is not neat, what could you do to avoid mistakes, how could you have avoided missing the assignment requirements, some action plan'. When he finds the reason for his own mistakes, he would try to correct them using his own solutions. Self review and self assessments are 2 very important skills you could teach your son at this stage as these would help him go a long way.

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