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Updated on Mar 29, 2013

My daughter is 6 months old. I hav been feedin her till last month but now returned to work. She doesn't take any formula milk in a feeding bottle. She behaves cranky when on seeing  the feeding bottle itself. I tried all possible ways.. i am so worried

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| Apr 03, 2013

Dear Roshna, there could be a couple of reasons why your LO is not taking to the Bottle. 1. Separation Anxiety 2. not liking the milk bottle ( sometimes the teat smells of rubber and is hard) 3. Finding the bottle tough to suckle 4. Not liking the taste of the Formula. Babies always resist change but on the other hand get used to new things quickly too, firstly one needs to transition the Baby slowly to the bottle over a period of some weeks , since that time has elapsed. you could try the following 1. try expressing your natural milk and leaving for when you are at work 2. Try a couple of different brands of bottles ( nuby / avent - anti colic bottles are good) 3. Try to give her the bottle yourself in the morning or at night , that way she has you around( so separation anxiety is at bay ) and would not resist taking the bottle. Hope this helps .

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| Mar 30, 2013

thank u so much Admin & Anumira... i'll try with the sipper cup n update u

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| Mar 29, 2013

Hi Roshna. Please take a look at the link suggested by the Administrator. May I also add, that it is very normal for a breastfed baby not to take to the bottle. You could try pumping your milk and giving it to her in the bottle as she may not like the taste of formula. Another reason could be that she does not like the bottle altogether. In either case, it will take time for her to take the bottle. You could also try to get her a sippy cup for 6 months babies and try giving her milk in that. A sippy cup worked for my son as he never like taking the bottle. Hope something works out soon for the both of you. I can understand your worry, but hang in there. Take care.

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Parentune Support

| Mar 29, 2013

Hi Roshna! Please find a similar talk link here. You may copy and paste it in the top browser bar : https://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/how-to-stop-breast-feeding-now/225

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