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Updated on Sep 08, 2012

This is with reference to a previous talk, and I would like to seek expert opinion on one aspect of my childs food habits. She is 5 and still drinks milk from a bottle once a day. This is before breakfast, when she is waking up. I have not stopped it, because that is the only time she has that amount of milk without any trouble. Other than this, she has stopped using the bottle long back and she is very comfortable with glasses and cups. In fact, sometimes she drinks milk in the evening from a cup. She takes the usual water bottle to school and drinks juice from a bottle too. Will there be any physiological or psychological effect of continuing her bottle feed in the morning at this age?

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| Oct 04, 2013

you perhaps need to start the weaning process, to slowly, gradually replace the bottle as they say with the cup. :). Bottle- more than anything is also a comfort for the child, so while you need to take it away slowly, it has to be a gradual process and you would need to replace the comfort of the bottle with your love, affection and care.

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