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1 to 3 years

Created by Rajni Modgil
Updated on Dec 27, 2018

my baby is 2 n 4 months old n I want make him bottle free n from first 4_5 days he drink milk with glass with little effort but now he totally refuces to take milk with glass... how I can handle him ... since I do my all efforts

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| Dec 27, 2018

mam I also tried the sipper et Al but don't work

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| Dec 27, 2018

hi rajni modgil ! u could use a sipper with his favorite cartoon pic on it, or his own image on it.. also make stories around this theme say how a child who used to have milk from glass/sipper became stronger and healthier. how his favorite cartoon character uses a sipper and became a superhero. with patience and preseverance he would come around.

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