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Created by Surabhi
Updated on Jul 16, 2014

My 2 1/2 years daughter has started going to school. but issue is she refuses to eat properly in the morning before leaving for school. Though meals are provided in school but she is doesnt eat much (teacher says she since she is new she will take some day's time). But anyways can i get any suggestions on how to make my child have sufficient food in morning. I think she is behaving such because she has to get up very ealry (around 6 in the morning) to board her bus on time.   Till now I have tried strawberry oats, mango shake, bread jam, paratha, chocolate milk!!! even her favourite oreo cookies and gems also fail to gain her attention during that morning hour.   HELP!

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| Jul 22, 2014

Dear Surabhi, any new routine will take time to get used to especially since your child is so little. You could try to atleast get her to drink some milk before she leaves and give her a dry breakfast to have on board the bus. If the ride is 15-20 mins to school, give her one egg roll or bread butter/jam, a banana (high in fiber and releases energy slowly, so excellent for breakfast), a few biscuits (not chocolate or sweet cookies) or any other thing she prefers and is ready to eat when in commute. To encourage her, pack a separate breakfast for a friend so that they can eat together. Children usually eat well then 2 or 3 of them are eating in a group. Let her take her time, dont push or scold her. Help her make it a gradual habit. Hope it works out. Good luck :)

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| Jul 18, 2014

Surabhi - How is it going?

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| Jul 17, 2014

Try to speak to your daughter sometimes they guide us properly.

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| Jul 16, 2014

Hi Surabhi, You might need to adjust her schedule a bit. get her to sleep on time at night so that she wakes up fresh in the morning. Give her enough time in the morning to play and build an appetite. And then offer her food. Also, give her foods that she finds easy to eat. And importantly sit with her, cuddle her and then feed her so that she doesn't feel stressed by the morning rush. enlist help of your husband or someone else in the house. It is an appreciable thing that you want her to develop a habit of breakfast.

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| Jul 16, 2014

Hi @surabhi! From what you have mentioned, your daughter has got a new schedule, and she seems to be adjusting to it. Here are a few suggestions on how could you add some motivation. You could make her breakfast even more high on visual appeal, she would love to eat it if it looks really nice and colourful. for e. g. make smiley faces of the jam on the bread. You could also join her for breakfast everyday and do it such that it is not in the hustle bustle, but is relaxed. Let me know how does it work... :)

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