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Updated on Feb 26, 2015

Dear All, I am looking for easy recepies for b'fast. My son is 5 yr old. I want to make one b'fast for all at home. Dont want to make different for child and another for others.   I am working women. Pls share easiest yet tasty recipes. Generally I make: 1. Veg Sandwich  2. Toasts  3. Corn flakes with banana+apple+few nuts 4. Oats (which my son doesnt like at all) 5. Pohe with lots of veggies (he likes but doesnt eat much just 3-4 spoons)   South indian dishes my family doent like at all.   Pls suggest. Thanks. Aarti               

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Amita Marwah Sharma

| Aug 26, 2017

you can have rice idli. can also make rava(suji) idli. rava chila. besan chila with some vegetables in it like beans. onion. capsicum. carrot

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Surabhi Chatterjee

| Mar 04, 2015

Try vegtable dalia with some seasoning. Its yummy and super healthy :)

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| Mar 03, 2015

Dear Nikita, Monica, Swati, Shruti, Sneha, Rashmi, Leena thanks so much to share your lovely idea.... Will definately try. Thanks again.

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| Mar 01, 2015

Hey Leena can u please tell me the quantity of egg and milk for french toast

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Leena Ireland

| Feb 28, 2015

U can also make French toast just beat the egg with milk and sugar as per reur taste dip the bread quickly and fry it on the tava.

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