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Breast feed at night

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Created by Dimple
Updated on Mar 01, 2013

Hi dear parents,  How many times a baby boy (9-month-old) will breast feed while on sleeping at night?  

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| Mar 04, 2013

At 9 months, my daughter was sleeping through the night. I used to feed her some heavy food, like cerelac or rice, before sleep time and it would induce sleep for the whole night. If you dont reduce breast feeding at night at this age, you will have long term problems relating to sleeping through the night.

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| Mar 03, 2013

Thank you for the suggestions. Now I am planning to bottle fed Cyril. I will try the suggestions. My mother-in-law is telling me that babies will breast fed twice at this age. But Cyril drinks more than 5 times. so I asked about it.

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| Mar 02, 2013

Hi Dimple. A 9 month old baby can sleep for longer stretches at night. But it varies from one baby to another. If your baby has suddenly started waking up, then he/she maybe going through a growth spurt or a developmental change.

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| Mar 02, 2013

By this age your baby should be able to sleep at a streatch for about 3-4 hours amd will need to be bottle fed while putting him to sleep n breast fed once or twice throughout the night... Now its summer so babies also feel thursty n need water in night sometimes....

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