Breast feed vs top feed

Shweta Changrani

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Jan 09, 2016

My son is 2 months, I was giving only breast milk till initially 25 days but then he was not gaining weight and used to cry after every feed to have more. I was feeding every 30 min or 1 hour but he used to be still hungry. He had 7-8 Urine but was not passing stool. My doc suggested to give top feed and I started after 25 days. I am giving breast milk also. It is more than top feed in a day and sometimes half half. I am pumping when he is taking top feed but I am not producing enough. I am taking milk 3 times a day day with galactic but still not enough milk. Please suggest what should I do. Will my baby still have immunity pease suggest

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Shweta Changrani

| Jan 12, 2016

Kriti bhuna jeera...

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kriti sharma

| Jan 10, 2016

Hi Shweta... Start havingpowered cumin (jeera) 2 spoons two times a day. U can mix it with honey and gulp it with water. Will do miracles for the breast milk. And baby's don't ppop very often if they r on breast milk. Their body absorbs it all. So dnt worry. If ur child is peeing 7-8 times a day then its good. Dnt worry... He would have been dehydrated if ur milk was insufficient... Start with cumin . will do wonders ...

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| Jan 09, 2016

My son is 8month old igive him extranal food but he is so week wat can i do

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| Jan 09, 2016

Hi Shweta! Please read this - http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-to-increase-breast-milk-supply/584

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