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Created by Jharana Rani Rath
Updated on Jan 16, 2019

hi parents.. i v stopped bf to my 2year old son 4dats ago. bt i m experiencing pain in my breast which is becoming worst at sleeping time and in d morning. breast z also becoming hard.. wat to do plz suggest. i k suffering alot. plz suggest asap.

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| Jan 17, 2019


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| Jan 17, 2019

u can apply cabbage in Ur bra to chest eventually bm will dry up try this

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| Jan 16, 2019

hi Jharana Rani Rath ! please do not stop breastfeeding abruptly. go slow with the whole process. gradually wean him off. express milk but just express this much which makes u feel better and not completely as the more u would express the more would be the production. so express milk only when u feel full. over a period of time milk production would stop.

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