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Created by Komal
Updated on May 07, 2019

my milk supply is very less can breast pump helps to increase milk supply.. as i heard baby sucking help increase milk supply nd breast pump does the same

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| May 08, 2019

Yes it helps alot. I was facing the same problem but breast pump solve my issue. I didn't get any side effect of this.

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| May 08, 2019

rather much better is u can work on increasing ur lactation eat dalia n milk bhuna jeera khao apne harr khane ki chij me dalo u can also try milk herbal tea it has fenugreek seeds which helps in increasing lactation and it has fenugreek seeds which helps in digestion after delivery so these will help u on increasing milk supply i also did the same

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| May 07, 2019

hi komal ! yes it does stimulate the milk supply but avoid its prolonged use as it may affect the breast tissues..

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