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Updated on Jul 19, 2018

a nine-month-old baby has sought facilities for his lactating mother from the Delhi High Court. The infant, Avyaan, moved court through his mother Neha Rastogi, complaining of difficulties faced on a daily basis due to the absence of breastfeeding or child care rooms. The court noted that the problem existed and issued a notice to Centre, AAP government and civic authorities seeking a response to the petition. Several lactating mothers have complained of unavailability of rooms to breastfeed in public places. Sometimes they are forced to lactate in public which invites censuring and dishonourable looks from the passers-by. With more young moms stepping out of their house, nursing while travelling has become a matter of concern. "Babies usually pull clothes during the feed which make mothers uncomfortable in public," said the petition. The petition added that the concept of public nursing rooms is a dream and it is really important for the young mothers to get out as they are likely to suffer from post-natal depression. Even though some mothers manage to keep their breasts covered, it causes discomfort to both the child and the mother," the court was told. "Breastfeeding in public make young mothers feel as if they are doing some crime and undignified act. This is an infringement of the right to privacy and the State is bound to ensure that rights of mothers are protected," said advocate Animesh Rastogi who appeared for the nine-month-old infant. Observing that mothers have lost hope to live in a dignified manner in the country due to lack of basic facilities like feeding rooms, the plea said: "Women have to disrobe themselves for feeding a child in public places and many a time have to face sexual harassment. "

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| Jul 19, 2018

hi neha rastogi! kudos to u, for such a great move. u r doing a great job . if steps are taken in this direction by the state govt, it would be a huge success and mothers would get their right to feed their child in public place in a dignified manner.. thanks Neha Rastogi for sharing this with us!

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