Breastfeeding n top feeding

Navrati Sharma
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Updated on Dec 18, 2015

Hii everyone I have 11 day baby girl ... How do I ensure that my milk is enough for her and she is not hungry.. If she is den how should I mix top feed .. Should I mix top feed or not.. I m really confused..

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Nithya NR

| Dec 22, 2015

As long as your baby isn't crying and pissing after each feed and gaining weight which means your milk is sufficient... Happy feeding...

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amrutha ram

| Dec 19, 2015

One of the sign that baby s getting sufficient milk s that baby s not crying even after feed and if the baby s gaining enough weight with ur feed then u need not put top feed. mothers milk s best for baby. until and unless ur baby s happy with ur feed then Don put top feed. happy motherhood.

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