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Megha Gupta

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Oct 07, 2015

My son is 23 days old, and he is my first child.. I want to know what food to eat and what not to eat for healthy breastfeeding...

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seema Katti

| Oct 11, 2015

Include ghee and milk in your diet. Khaskhas kheer, aleev kheer, methi. Ke ladoo. After each meal eat pan or any mouth freshner. It helps digestion. Include garlic in cooking. Beet, carrots, almonds, cashew, tulsi leaves.

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Ruchika Sawhney

| Oct 07, 2015

Please have the following to increase milk supply: Boil zeera and ajwain, cool the water and drink that instead of normal water, shatawari powder with milk, methi dane, improves lactation. Apart from this, have chicken soup twice a day to improve your strenght if you are a nonvegetarian, and loads of green veges. Please eat every two hours, when you will end up eating yourself because when you breastfeed you feel very hungry. Dont forget to keep yourself hydrated, so drink lots of water. Avoid foods that are gaseous, so that you avoid colic attacks in your baby. All foods that you eat, please add hing in them. Hope this helps.

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| Oct 07, 2015

Hi We have to continue our diet with all gud foods, fruits and vegetables and badam.. That makes baby gud nutrition and also mom to be physically strong Breast milk increases when we have bread & milk combination, bitter guard... Foods contain bitter taste will increase the breast milk

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