Mandeep Gulati
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Feb 20, 2016

Hi... my son is 1. 4 yrs ... is it the right time to stop breastfeeding... pead is also suggesting d same... confused.. ????

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| Jun 30, 2016

my sone also 1. 3 yr old ... i m keeping him in a daycare ... whole day he never ask for breast feed but after that he wants all the time and tried so many thing to stop it but no use .. what to do i dont understand.. specially he needs it in d night time ... plz suggest somthing

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neha Agarwal

| Feb 22, 2016

I am facing the same situation and am highly confused!!will taking medicine be a safe route or using of neem??please suggest

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 21, 2016

Yes dear it is the right time but don' t stop immediately. Wean him off slowly as you introduce new food to him. Hope this helps.

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