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Updated on Jan 10, 2014

Hi , I am a mother of 10 month old baby. I am not getting milk. I am 4 months pregnant . Is there something that I can do , to get enough milk supply. Please help

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| Jan 10, 2014

Hi dear Preethi Congratulations! During pregnancy there is an increase in a hormone Progesterone which is responsible for decrease in milk production. Also there is formation of colostrum which is thicker. If ur baby cries due to hunger u can start weaning the child and offer other food items. The only thing advisable during pregnancy to increase milk supply is oatmeals. It is also advisable to take prescribed vitamins and keep yourself hydrated. If u still do not produce enough milk u can give milk from other sources to ur child . Hope this helps!

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| Jan 11, 2014

Hi Preethi, u can get homeopathic medicines for milk secretion. That helps really. U can also try lactonic granules in milk after consulting ur gynaecologist. A bowl of boiled channa dal , sprouts everyday will help a lot.

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| Jan 13, 2014

Dear Preethi, in addition to what the other mommies have said, I would like to add a couple of things- please do not discontinue feeding your baby. Keep nursing as milk production increases with increased frequency of nursing. If you cut down on nursing sessions, then it is likely your milk will also gradually dry up. Secondly, keep sipping water throughout the day. Staying hydrated is very important during lactation and water is one of the best drinks. You may also drink milk if you like, but chances are that your baby may get gassy as the protein in cows milk are hard on little tummies :) Wish you a smooth pregnancy and nursing. Take care :)

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