Breasts engorgement while baby weaning

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Updated on Jul 14, 2016

Hi all My baby will be 16 months and we want to wean him and stop breastfeeding. He feeds during night to go back to sleep only then he will sleep for around 8-9 hours. He wakes for around 2-3 times at night sometimes more. There is no other way to put him to sleep. He will cry for his feed and we give in. When will my little one learn to sleep on his own? he wants breastfeed to put him to sleep. Is it too early. Breasts have become sore and engorgement after stopping night feeds and baby cries a hell lot. Please suggest some remedies for pain and drying up. please suggest ways to stop him from breastfeeding.. And one more thing he doesn't take milk bottle at all and he hates milk too. I have to feed him cow milk by spoon that too by force.

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| Aug 09, 2016

i also has same problem doctar suggest stop feedind in day try to satisfy child with other food. if stomach is full he will not demand mother feed as much. slowly and strictly depands on you

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