Brest feeding

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Created by Sipra Jhunjhunwala
Updated on Aug 05, 2016

l want to stop Brest feeding, but don't know how to stop the habit. If I can put any thing in my nipt. Please help me. my son is avery aggressive in nature .whether he wi ll be more aggressive by stop feeding

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| Aug 05, 2016

Since your son is 1. 3 mnths.. apply Neem paste or bitter guard paste... keep applying it everyday before u feed, slowly he would stop it... because as they grow, they become very demanding. I have a daughter she is 1. 9 mnths now, still she hasn't stopped now wen I try applying these bitter pastes she just wipes n takes... so better u start now.. before it's too late... let me know of ur progress...

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| Aug 05, 2016

hi Dr. .. my son is 2 yr 1 month..... now a days m trying to stop breastfeeding...... I tried putting white plaster on nip... so some told it works but for me it doesn't work.... so I apply red nail polish on it n I told him I got hurt n it's paining so he is not asking but he always want to see my breast whether red is there or not..... so every day m applying it.... Some r applying red hot sauce and making it black ... and applying alcohol........ first U have to see for what he scared of and according to that take a step..... today is his 2nd day not having breast milk...... good luck dr

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