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Updated on Aug 14, 2019

how to ensure my child immunity is high during the change of season

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| Aug 14, 2019

hi Vivek Shah ! u could build it up throughout the year by taking care of the nutrition part . add seasonal fruits and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage , carrot, and fruit like orange, lime , grapes, sapota, pomegranate, etc to ur child's diet. this would take care of cold and other illnesses which are common during rainy season. besides take extra care of hygiene this time around by making yr child wash hands before and after meals, after coming from outside. keep his toys clean, change his bedcovers regularly, bathe him regularly and once in a while with a spoonful of dettol in a bucket of water,keep sanitisers handy, make him wear full sleeves, also keep his nails trimmed, take care of mosquitoes by using organic products.

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