Can Drama Classes help help my child?


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Aug 17, 2012

Our child is getting very aggressive now days and we cannot figure out why ? There has been no change in his usual routine so we really cannot get why he is being so destructive and aggressive. We recently found out that there is a drama class happening near our house , will putting him in such a class help him ??

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| Aug 22, 2012

You shd try the edu drama programme at Julia Gabriel. My 5 1/2 yr old daughter has been going there for over a year now. Visit their website and you can get the contact details. They are in Vasant kunj,Saket and Punjabi Bagh.

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| Aug 21, 2012

Any activity will channel your childs energy and might help in controlling aggressive behavior. However, maybe it will also help if you try to get to the bottom of why the sudden behavioral change. Try communicating with him to see if he is feeling peer pressure, bullying or any tension in school. You may also try to find out if he is getting stressed in any way.

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| Aug 18, 2012

Drama/theatre is a great place for your child to get to being expressive, imaginative, spontaneous & tolerant. There may not be a direct impact on his agressive behavior in the short term, but it may help your child get more imaginative & improve his inter personal behavior. definitely worth going for..

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