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female child is brought up by their parents to be independent and also values of family r taught to her. From childhood a girl child is told to do good in her studies as well as household work. After marriage she manages he career and her family . Why so much of work on females only... think by nature... nature created men and women.. it distributed characteristics differently to men and women. Men were strong bodily and sharp and unique thinkers.... Women were with patience and more caring... As per those characters.. of nature they started doing their work... their work were equally distributed.... and so complications were less... and they were satisfied.... Today women have to be independent and work double to compete men... if career is focused somewhere she sacrifices her family time and if she is devoted to family she feels insecure that she isn't independent. Why we created this insecurity.... we byself has created this double discomfort for women... is this good or bad? There r different views ,situations ,conditions,needs,which we have created today... It's good women r doing their best in both fields and looking after family... being the most multitalented... But But But..... what they lose behind this Love for children. Care time for children. Health. Completion with men. Insecurity with other womens. Fight for independent rights. Fight for equality. Instead of this......... Why don't we ask men to be brought up to do household work,and cook and be like women.... if we want both to be equal? Why men not to asked to do all there works like women?and Why we want women to work like men... and be independent being independent is getting selfish.... U earn urs..... I will earn mine..... Is that respect... Or is that selfishness..... why not men do their speciality work and women do theirs and share and live together... why men thinks he earns and fulfilled a women needs?even she works for which men cannot work?it's just distribution of work given by nature ... Why we r making it so complex? Why men and women cannot do their speciality of work without insecurity and equallness? Why women have to prove men ?that she can

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| May 02, 2017

Hi Mini, you arouse really right question. Your views are true.

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| May 03, 2017

Hi, nice to hear your views.. It is highly appreciated. Sometimes I feel.. is it really required for men to learn cooking, do household work, be multitasking like women or women to lead the highest position in a company like men just to prove " CONCEPT OF EQUALITY". It should be their choice not compulsion. I feel we (men and women,) have our own specific physically and mental characters to handle different task. Women being better home managers can handle household responsibility in a better manne. Even working women can easily manage home by guiding, delegating and monitoring household works to servants and to a certain extend can do on her own apart from handling professional life. Why it is always necessary for a professional women with very young kids to be at highest rank/ position? Secondly, if any women works, it doesn't means that she is compromising love for her children. Quality time spent with kid matters rather than quantity. If there are elders to support at home, women can easily manage home, kid and professional life with other helpers and without men learning to cook or do household work. Definitely husband / dad support is always required for better upbringing of child but that support can be in form of spending more time with family, with kids by teaching them, playing games with them, do their cleaning, etc instead of household work.

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