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Created by Mohammad Tauseef
Updated on Jul 07, 2015

My 8 years old daughter is in Class 3. As an example, she used to do very well in Maths till Class 2 and get A+ grades. However, we are noticing a lot of behavioural changes from Class 3 onwards. She no longer takes interest in her work in general (not just Maths). She wants to avoid it as much as possible. She has started making careless mistakes in Maths like not writing the number name completely or doing mistakes with simple addition. Her concepts are clear. She is just not focusing at all. Her handwriting has gone from average to bad. We have tried talking to her and even punishing her by taking away her Tab or not showing her favourite TV show. I am at my wits end. Don't know how to manage this situation as the learning course is only increasing with newer concepts being introduced along with exams. Anyone in a similar situation? Any advice is welcome.

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| Jul 07, 2015

Hello! Since one's expectations from the child has increased because of child's good performance in the past, anything below that causes disappointment which is natural. . But if we think about it from a child's point of view: 1. A child might be under constant stress to do well because anything below is not acceptable to us. 2. The child has lost the zeal to perform as she/he is tired fulfilling others wishes. 3. The child is getting lil or no appreciation for her/his efforts. 4. The child is not happy with rewards he/she is getting as with age his/ her interests have varied. He/She has found out other ways to keep him/her happy. For ex other gadgets. 5. The topic of studies gives the child jitters and feeling of unpleasantness as it has become an issue where he/she is ought to outshine others. So the shortcut would be to avoid it at all. It is advisable to try out these changes. 1. one can avoid pressurising the child by constantly reminding him/her what is expected from him/her. 2. One can Avoid too much stress on studies and balance it with other activities like physical activity or co-curricular activity. 3. One can stop comparing him/her with others so as to do away with unnecessary pressure. 4. One can appreciate him/her for his/her efforts. 5. One can spend quality time with child to understand what he/she expects our role to be. 6. Use of rewards such as watching a movie with family or an outing or making her favourite dish once in a While would be some of the gestures to indicate one still cares for his/her wishes. 7. Controlling ones tempers on lil below expectations performance would make the child feel responsible for his/her carelessness rather than being reminded by others. 8. It is advisable not to tell child what one wants and letting him/her share his/her heart out. This can be done by spending lighter moments with him/her. Our role should be that of a facilitator, a friend, a guide and above all a supporter of child despite of whatever the performance is. 9. One can take care of child's other interests such as playing games, dance or music or any other activity and motivate the child to pursue that along. ( THIS IS A GENERAL ANSWER NOT JUST APPLICABLE FOR THIS PARTICULAR CASE).

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| Jul 07, 2015

Hi Mohammad Tauseef It seems that she is losing her concentration now. Pls refer to an earlier talk for some suggestions on building concentration in kids-

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