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carelessness disobedience

7 to 11 years

Created by Mamoodha
Updated on Mar 04, 2017

he never obey my words. He disobedient to teachers. but good n studies.

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| Mar 07, 2017

thanks to both of you for these valuable suggestions

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| Mar 04, 2017

hi Mamoodha! child is being disobedient but he has not intention to disrespect u. consider this he is out of that phase when our children follow our instructions what to do , when to do . he is going through a stage when the cognitive development is at its best, he questions why u expect him to do what u want him to and simply cant take NO as an answer. he has his own set of ideas and want to experiment with those. he wants to be heard and his choice to be asked and wants to play a role in decision making. give him some freedom to take decisions about himself. praise him for taking the right decision. we cannot always be with them and sooner or later we need to teach them to live their life independently. though it's too early for him but u need to start right now at least in basic matters . give him a choice. don't force things on him. let him have a say. make him feel important and respect him for who he is. I am sure the more u would understand him , treat him like an individual with his own set of ideas and independent thinking the better would be his understanding of why u say what u r trying to say . and chances are he is likely to follow your advise. hope this helps!

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| Mar 04, 2017

hi Mamodha, your baby is going through a phase where they trust their friends more than parents . so you have to start frendship with him. share things and talks, spend time with him. dont scold or beat as it will hurt his ego because he is considering himself as much grownup. praise and appreciate on every trivial achievement. dont forget to hug when he scores good. Sometimes invite his friends and make him comfortable. occasionally, make him sit and narrate about your life and journy. hope this wil help.

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