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Cavities problem

Priyanka Amberkar
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 10, 2015

Hi, Few months back I noticed that my child front four teeth were brownish. I checked with my child specialist and she said its just a flouride formation no need to worry. Last week my kid had a dentist visit by his playgroup and I came to know that he had a cavities in his front four teeth . When I visited doctor she said immediate treatment should be done and advise for tooth filling and if not cured root canal should be done. Frankly speaking I was not convinced as I take a proper oral care of my kid and teeth treatment for 2 year kids I never heard. I read in the website that tooth decay or cavities can be cure by using cod liver oil or change in some diet or applying mousse on teeth. Please advise what should be done. Ps He is not on bottle feed any more. Still on breastfeeding during night and I wipe his teeth after that.

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