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3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 19, 2018

Hey, my 5 year old boy won't take his eyes off the phone, is that fine or should I decrease is phone usage? Help

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| Feb 19, 2018

Hi Violy, Definitely needs some regulations. Too much usage of cell phone turn kids more aggresive, reduces their concentration levels, turn lethargic. They neglect their studies as their focus is always on playing with the cellphone. Smart phones have internet facility, even after numerous tabs and controls the internet has many shocking and harmful information. Even the kids links are not innocent these days. Addiction to smart phone makes kids restless and irritated to any normal discussion. Their social interactions like making friends, knowing how to deal with peer pressures, learning how to interact with people effects. My daughter who is 5yrs old used to play with mobile phone for quite some time when i noticed her irritable behavior, constant urge to use the phone, not liking to play out side with neighbours, disliking social gatherings and even if we go on holidays she would prefer sitting in the room watching mobile or tv. We have made changes with mobile phones and tv usages for everyone at home. with lot of patience and control we have pulled her out of the loop to an extent but there still we need to do. Atleast she goes out to play, gets things from shop, talks to people when we go out etc. sudha

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