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Updated on Mar 24, 2017

My daughter is 5 years old. I had my second delivery. My daughter was eagerly waiting for her sibling. But unfortunately we lost our second baby. Total family went into misery. My daughter too cried a lot for her sister. After the demise of her sister, her behavior went so rude. She was shouting for simple things. Became very adamant. Always back talking. Please help me.

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| Mar 24, 2017

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Though it's difficult for adults too , to overcome grief but somehow we accept things and carry on thinking about other important roles we have to play in our lives. children on the other hand take time to get over an episode of loss or grief. They are not able to express how they feel, what this loss means to them and to accept things as they are. It's advisable to talk to her at length about this issue and find out how she feels so that she is able to get it out of her system once in for all and move on. Though this discussion need not be carried out in a day's​ time but over a period of time to avoid making it overwhelming for the child. You could think of a person who could handle this matter tactfully​ such as a grandparent or the father or even a counsellor. You need to be strong enough and stand by your child's side in this moment of grief and understand her better. Take her out to the park, help her mingle with friends, if possible go for a break and try and get over this sad episode in your life. Hope this helps!

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